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Law Offices of ALG and Associates
Have you tried to work with your lender to modify your loan?
What type of response or experience did you have with them?

Did you get the impression that after they took billions of dollars in bail-out money using your tax money, that you were a priority to them, or that they cared about you and your situation as an individual?
Did you get the feeling that they really follow Government guidelines and persuasion to offer flexibility to you?
Did you get a sense of competent urgency when you called and tried to speak with them, did you feel confident that each representative was fully aware of the latest guidelines from the Government or even from the bank they worked for?

Shockingly, the public majority would answer “NO” to these questions!
You can obviously see that banks have one focus and one responsibility, and it is to maximize profits at all costs!

There are millions of Americans who are fraudulently losing their home to foreclosure because they didn’t take appropriate Legal action, and unfortunately without the pressure of a Law Suit lenders aren’t generally motivated to consider you individually as a priority.

Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger; you need an expert on your side who is responsible for protecting and representing you, with the knowledge of the Lending Laws and the experience and expertise that it takes to communicate efficiently and effectively with your lender to avoid losing your home, and ALG and Associates is that Firm.

The Law Offices of ALG and Associates can help advise you of the best way to eliminate your debt – For more information please visit Law Offices of ALG Services Blog or Give us a call for a free consultation: Toll Free: 888-LAW-3111

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