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                      Do You Have a Good Case for Litigation?

Has your lender offered you a 3 month Trial Modification of which you made your payments on time for the entire 3 month duration and then lender failed to transition you into a permanent modification? This is unlawful and provides legal leveraging for a Law Suit against your lender! In fact, some of the most successful and beneficial settlements that ALG and Associates have achieved was a result of this type of lender negligence!

             Did Your Lender Offer to Modify and then Foreclosed?

If your lender offered you a modification (trial or permanent) approval and then they foreclosed on the home, you are definitely an ideal candidate for Litigation against your lender. This would actually be a case where The Law Offices of ALG and Associates could possibly achieve a Free and Clear settlement on your property or a substantial Cash Settlement for you, and would consider bringing this Case on as a Contingency arrangement, meaning no fees for you!

                              What Can Litigation Deliver for You?

Back Payments: Litigation can typically get all the back payments, penalties, and interest that you’ve accumulated with the lender either forgiven completely or pushed to the back of the loan balance, either way you’ll get a fresh start in payments, which can be crucially imperative for most borrowers in severe delinquency.

Balance Reduction: ALG and Associates’ Litigation Support Services Attorneys aggressively attempt a reduction of the actual Principle Balance on every case reduction of your principal balance with the lender, but this has been the most difficult task for us to achieve and may not be realistic to expect on every case.

Free and Clear Property: Although very rare, depending on the severity of negligence and fraud proven in court, there have been some settlements in which the home was granted to the client Free and Clear.

Cash Settlement: Also very rare, depending on the client’s preference over a Free and Clear property and the severity of negligence and fraud proven in court, there have been some cash settlements achieved up to one million dollars.

                                   What Is the Litigation Process?

The first goal for The Law Offices of ALG and Associates to achieve for their Litigation Clients is a Summary Judgment, and they file a Court Order to request a Permanent Injunction which will freeze all Foreclosure Proceedings, and we immediately pull the file out of any Loss Mitigation or Loan Modification Negotiation Processes, and the Case is rapidly assigned to an Attorney who represents the lender, who can make on average $850 an hour, meaning the lender wants them to settle the Case quickly to avoid incurring of Legal Fees. This also means that in a Litigation Case you’ll see a huge difference in response time, action, and progress with your Case. It’s treated as an important Legal matter instead of an application system through general modification attempts.

At this point it’s important to understand that the client now finally has control over the bank instead of the lender controlling the process leaving homeowners powerless against their incompetent, inefficient, and illogical systems.

ALG and Associates will also prepare and disburse a legal package called a “Qualified Written Request” which basically explains to the lender that they now represent the client as their attorneys, and it subpoenas the original loan documents that were signed on the mortgage, and by law the lender must acknowledge the request within 20 days and provide the docs within 60 days – during which time the lender cannot report to the major credit bureaus pursuant to RESPA Section 6.

Now, the great thing about being represented by ALG and Associates, instead of trying this yourself, is if the lender is being resistant, they can do what’s called a Forensic Audit, which is basically where ALG and Associates goes through the original loan documents that were signed on the loan very intensely, looking for any kind of errors like “Predatory Lending Practices”, “Bait-and-Switch” tactics, missing signatures, miss-calculated figures, etc.

The interesting thing is that when a legal microscope is applied on these types of loan documents, errors are quite often found, and these errors actually constitute violations of the law. So, when ALG and Associates finds that the lender is servicing a loan that violates the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Truth-In-Lending Act, they demand certain modification terms.

This is where everything really changes because with The Law Offices of ALG and Associates as your Legal representation they will actually pursue Litigation against them, and when the lender finds that the client is now represented by an attorney, and the Attorney has found that the lender is servicing a loan that contains violations of the law, they all the sudden become highly motivated to settle with ALG and Associates because a reasonable modification settlement makes a lot more economic sense for the lender versus a continuation of Legal Battles.

                         Attorney Relationships

Also, through years of experience The Law Offices of ALG and Associates have developed and maintained great relationships with the Attorneys representing the major lenders! Most lenders use the same Attorneys for every case, so they can literally work with the same Firms hundreds of times in a repetitive manner, which increases their abilities because they know precisely what our goal is on each Case and we work together to deliver the most optimal results in the most efficient manner.

The Law Offices of ALG and Associates can help advise you of the best way to eliminate your debt – For more information about Litigation Support Services please visit or give us a call for a free consultation: Toll Free: 888-LAW-3111

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